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Sometimes We Must Allow Our Dream to Become Another Dream. Ink & Watercolor on Paper. 14" x 18". $500.

Making Magic and Getting Organized

By Jacks McNamara | September 22, 2016

It’s been an amazing month. The inspiration has been increasing exponentially, and I’ve been painting almost every night. The more I paint, the more ideas emerge – about texture, colors, meanings, marks – and the deeper and more layered my paintings become. As I move towards my goal of becoming a professional working artist, I’ve … Read more…

The Spirit World is Loud Tonight. Ink, Watercolor & Pastel on Paper. 12.5" x 15". $400.

There are Worlds in Every Accident, Every Risk

By Jacks McNamara | September 12, 2016

There are Worlds in Every Accident, Every Risk   on creating 8 paintings in 11 days. The internet broke today. Thank god. Its absence drove me into my studio, where I fished blindly through a stack of watercolor paper and until I chanced on a painting of sea lavender I started 5 years ago. I … Read more…

Why Beauty Matters Jacks McNamara

Why Beauty Matters (in Business and in Life)

By Jacks McNamara | May 16, 2016

Why Beauty Matters (in Business and in Life)   (Originally published on the blog for my design business, Root & Blossom Design.) Let’s be real: sometimes living in a society structured around late-stage capitalism sucks.  Driving around the outskirts of most major cities and suburbs, through a desolate terrain of identical big box stores and … Read more…