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Whether or Not You Fly

By Jacks McNamara | September 1, 2016

When I grow up I wanna be Brandi Carlile I wanna sing to tear the roofs off houses and serve you up your own heart on a plate. When I grow up, I just wanna feel at home in this boygirl body, at home on 10,000 foot mountains, at home in my own bed. I … Read more

Why Beauty Matters (in Business and in Life)

By Jacks McNamara | May 16, 2016

Why Beauty Matters (in Business and in Life)   (Originally published on the blog for my design business, Root & Blossom Design.) Let’s be real: sometimes living in a society structured around late-stage capitalism sucks.  Driving around the outskirts of most major cities and suburbs, through a desolate terrain of identical big box stores and … Read more

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