Summer Show

Form and Concept, Santa Fe, NM
June 25 - July 31, 2021

"Ghosts." 16" x 16". Ink on wood. Part of the Learning About Light series.
"Phase Spell." Ink and pastel on basswood round, 13" diameter.

Jacks contributed seven paintings on wood and one work on paper to this annual group exhibition, which represents Jacks' first show as an artist officially represented by Form and Concept gallery! For several years Jacks has admired the incredible work at the intersection of fine art and contemporary craft that Form and Concept shows, and is deeply honored to join their roster. Please join us for the show's opening on Friday June 25, 2021 from 5-7. 

Family Room

Form and Concept, Santa Fe, NM
January 29 - May 15, 2021

Whisper Spell
Early Spring Spell

Jacks contributed six paintings and their book Inbetweenland to this group exhibition and immersive installation designed by a national consortium of LGBTQ+ artists and performers. This functional and modular living room, featuring art, craft and design objects that were made, altered or found by the featured artists, is a stage for visual artworks and performances that examine queer domestic space and the chosen family.


50 Years of Fight /// 50 Years of Future

Show Pony Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
June 1 - 30, 2019

Image of painting on wood round
Version 2

Jacks created two new paintings for the group show 50 Years Of Fight /// 50 Years Of Future at Show Pony Gallery in Santa Fe, focused on trans and gender-creative futurity. Each piece weaves poetry, spells, and sigils to invoke powerful future visions for gender-creative folks. As part of the show, Jacks also offered a writing workshop for queer & trans community.

Learning About Light

Solo Show
Iconik, Santa Fe, NM
April 13 - June 4, 2018

May You Find the Sublime

In their second solo show in Santa Fe, Jacks shared an innovative series of ink and mixed media paintings on wood in the show “Learning About Light.” Drawing inspiration from the natural and the mechanical, this work assembles a unique vocabulary of patterns, textures, and color to create an abstracted language for the residue of seasons, synesthesia, and hope.

Click here to view Jacks' Learning About Light series.

Like/Love 'N Stuff

Art.i.fact, Santa Fe, NM
February 2018

Love Is Music
Love Is Baking The Biscuits

A Valentine(ish) Show Curate Santa Fe is taking over the ART.i.factory! Niomi Fawn's first exhibition in the space is a celebration of love, like, and everything in between. Santa Fe artists include Lacey Adams, Mark Frossard, M. Gold, Jack McNamara, Lindsay Payton, Todd White, and Anastasio Wrobel. Works include prints, wood pieces, prints on fabric, original paintings, and Valentine cards.

Rise: Works on Paper

Solo Show
Java Joes Siler
February 1 - 28, 2017

Rise Works on Paper by Jacks McNamara

Rise is a collection of works on paper that claim beauty as a site of resistance and power. Featuring 9 original paintings in ink, watercolor, and pastel on paper, Rise explores color, abstraction, and natural forms through created worlds and improvised dreams.

Click here to view Jacks' Rise: Works on Paper series.

Other Past Exhibitions

2014    Mad Cartographies: Wilderness of the Soul, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC

2012    10 Year Icarus Project Retrospective, Modern Times, San Francisco, CA

2010    Navigating Disability, JCC, Manhattan, NY

2008    Open, Workspace Limited, San Francisco, CA

2006    Pieces of Mind, Fountain Gallery, New York, NY

2004    Radical Visions, ABC NoRio, New York, NY

2003    Poetry and Song, Number 8 Community Space, San Francisco, CA

2002    Reverberations, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2001     Spring Show, Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros, Greece

2000    Fall Show, Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros, Greece

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