Making Magic and Getting Organized

rise-condensedIt’s been an amazing month. The inspiration has been increasing exponentially, and I’ve been painting almost every night. The more I paint, the more ideas emerge – about texture, colors, meanings, marks – and the deeper and more layered my paintings become.

As I move towards my goal of becoming a professional working artist, I’ve also been exploring the business side of things. I just finished reading From Starving to Successful; the Fine Artist’s Guide to Getting into Galleries and Selling More Work. I’ve been taking the author’s advice to try to create at least 2 pieces a week, to set up a detailed inventory system for your art, and to explore how you are going to exhibit it in the most professional ways: framing, matting, etc. I’ve also landed my first solo show in Santa Fe, which will be opening in February. Such exciting times! If you want to check out my newly updated inventory, with all my pieces for sale, click here. Here are a few samples of recent work to whet your appetite.



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