This Land Was Not Made for Angels

By Jacks McNamara | November 13, 2016

Ask if your country is addicted to forgetting this land is not America it is stolen from people who are still alive and fighting. Ask if you country is addicted to forgetting rivers are living things we are living things we are not weapons or numbers or usernames we are animals and animals need clean … Read more

Making Magic and Getting Organized

By Jacks McNamara | September 22, 2016

It’s been an amazing month. The inspiration has been increasing exponentially, and I’ve been painting almost every night. The more I paint, the more ideas emerge – about texture, colors, meanings, marks – and the deeper and more layered my paintings become. As I move towards my goal of becoming a professional working artist, I’ve … Read more

There are Worlds in Every Accident, Every Risk

By Jacks McNamara | September 12, 2016

There are Worlds in Every Accident, Every Risk   on creating 8 paintings in 11 days. The internet broke today. Thank god. Its absence drove me into my studio, where I fished blindly through a stack of watercolor paper and until I chanced on a painting of sea lavender I started 5 years ago. I … Read more

Whether or Not You Fly

By Jacks McNamara | September 1, 2016

When I grow up I wanna be Brandi Carlile I wanna sing to tear the roofs off houses and serve you up your own heart on a plate. When I grow up, I just wanna feel at home in this boygirl body, at home on 10,000 foot mountains, at home in my own bed. I … Read more

Why Beauty Matters (in Business and in Life)

By Jacks McNamara | May 16, 2016

Why Beauty Matters (in Business and in Life)   (Originally published on the blog for my design business, Root & Blossom Design.) Let’s be real: sometimes living in a society structured around late-stage capitalism sucks.  Driving around the outskirts of most major cities and suburbs, through a desolate terrain of identical big box stores and … Read more

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